5 Best and Completely Free Android Pokies

46cb92df8524f9d6d7f21989d9dd3fd1Looking for free Android pokies? Well look no more! Here are the five best pokies for Android!


Boomanji is a 5-reel, 10-payline pokie which has been inspired by the 4th of July and fireworks. This colorful pokie has color splashing all over your screen, all the while making you some serious money and pretty effortlessly, too. If you love playing interesting and unusal pokies, you should install this one on your Android device as soon as possible. The wild will trigger re-spins and this is when the fun begins! Enjoy!



If you would like to earn some easy money, why don’t you give this incredible pokie a go? It takes just a few minutes to install the Slotomania game on your Android device and the app is completely free, by the way! Slotomania has the old charm to it, however the game has had a makeover and fruit has never looked more appealing! This perfect pokie will allow you hours of joy and happiness as you spin the 5-reel 14-payline slot machine and hopefully win incredible sums of money.


unnamedIf you are looking for a great pokie to play on your Android device or smartphone, make sure and sure you get Starburst installed. Starburst has five reels and 10 payline slots, and will blow you into the outer space.  You should definitely explore and this game and the various symbols that it offers, such as: green gemstone, yellow gemstone, blue gemstone, purple gemstone, orange gemstone, bar, seven, wild – which is Starburst logo and re-spin bonus rounds.  You will definitely love this game and you will be absolutely smitten by the outer space and the crashing jewells!

Mythic Maiden

112473e38223a12c39726293b830aafbIf you are in Halloween mood, you will definitely love our next suggestion! The Mythic Maiden is an absolutely amazing 5-reel, 30-line pokie which can be played on smartphones and other devices which run on Android. This Android app will blow you away with some will say its amazing features.  If you are up for an adventure, make sure and that you install this amazing pokie and experience uncovering amazing relics, such as: spell book, primate skull, treasure chest, morphing Moon and others. You will forget about all other pokies once you try the Mythic Maiden! It is absolutely worth your time since you can earn some serious cash playing this quirky pokie!

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider fans will already have heard about the Tomb Raider pokie featured at www.onlinepokiesparadise.com but it is definitely worth mentioning here anyways. Not only that this 5-reel 15-payline pokie will earn you some serious money, but it also allows players to trigger huge rewards. In addition to all that you will see Lara herself in the symbols and the slot game is incredibly fun. If you haven’t already tried this amazing game it is time that you install it on your Android device as soon as possible. Not only you will enjoy playing it, but you just might become addicted to playing Tomb Raider pokie! Nontheless, it will also give you the amazing opportunity to earn money, so don’t feel bad about it!

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Tutorial for pokies 

131In previous months, I found new game for killing time. It’s called pokies. It’s a shorter term for poker machine. You may know it also as a slot machine, fruit machine, puggy, the slots, or simply slot and one-armed bandits. When I googled it, I found out that in 1885 the very first slot machine was created by Charles Fay. The popularity of the machine grew so much that he began a slot machine factory in 1896. His ingenuity changed the world of gambling forever. No matter that I am playing this game for two, or three months, I didn’t know that this game is so popular, and that there is a lot of different versions of this game. When I found this game I played pokie called slotomania, but then it got to my attention that there is also pokies with tv and movies theme. For example, There is Game of Throne, Walking Dead and Tomb Raider pokies. For me, that looks like that pokies are very trendy. But surely, if you are not aware of existacen of this game, you asking how is playing this game. Well, I’l explain.


While there are no complicated rules when it comes to how to play pokies, there are just a few simple guidelines, which is one of the reasons that pokies have grown in popularity among players. Virtually speaking, all a player has to do is place a coin into the slot machine and pull the lever.

Which can basically be said for real world pokies as well. It doesn’t get much easier than that when it comes to how to play pokies. However, there are few simple guidelines to follow when it comes to playing pokies are as follows.

mobile-slot-gamesPokies have pre-determined limits (maximum bets) that you cannot exceed, different pokies have different restrictions on the structure of bets (such as the number of reels and paylines), wild symbols, scatter symbols, and knowing what exactly will get you a winning combination by taking a look at the pay table. Most pokies, especially newly released ones, all have the same odds of winning, after all pokies are programmed with the house having the advantage. You should only play the pokies in which have the best payouts. Research shows that the $5 and higher pokies have the highest range of payouts, finding that the less expensive it is to play a pokie. To increase your chances of winning on a pokie there are several things that can be done. If you’re playing progressive jackpot pokies, don’t play any that have hit the jackpot within the last month because those won’t be likely to hit jackpot again anytime soon.Your best bet will be to stick to pokies that haven’t hit jackpot in a long while and those that have been recently added to the online casino as their more likely to give out higher payouts.

So there you have it. I hope you will enjoy, as I did. And just to mention, if you are not the gambling type of person, just go and find free pokies and play only for fun.

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About Online casino 

Traditionally casinos are the places where people would usually go to enjoy gambling games; expansion of computers and mobile devices where internet has become a mass market has brought us a new way of gambling thru online casinos.


They provide players to gamble and wager on casino games thru internet. Players can easily use casino games on a web page without downloading software on their computer or in some cases the download is required. Many of online casinos have developed applications that are now easily accessible via Android phones and tablets and IOS devices so that players have the ability to play these games in any time at any place.

Even when you are working or you just need a little fun you can always use your mobile device make a choice of a game and start playing and in that way you can earn money without doing actual work.

Depending on what type of a game you choose to play, online casinos provide their users detailed instruction of how to play certain game. These casinos are strictly monitored by a government but these regulations often have loops in their system because some gambling houses have monopoly in certain states where gambling has been legalized.

States where online gambling has been legalized are: Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and Belgium. Most popular online casino games are: blackjack, roulette, poker, slot machines, keno, bingo… There can be single player or multiple players. More advanced online casinos require that you have well equipped computer who can support demanding games and they usually have to show on an example what configuration your computer must have, so that player can have full pleasure while playing these games.

Otherways you can just download online casino games on your iphone or android phone and play them anywhere you go that way you wont have to worry about whether or not your computer is able to run the online casino software or not.


Online casinos usually require that players make a registration on their sites and deposit money before they start to play. Players can get free welcome bonuses and in that way the casinos are promoting their games and attracting new gamblers.

In the gambling community are well known so called rough casinos that are proven to have multiple fraudulent cases, players should always be well informed and avoid suspicious casinos.

Every online casino has wager requirement and that is called play trough, that is displayed with sign “x” this means the number of games that player has to wager before he has to withdraw bonus. In that way casinos are securing the amount of their bonuses.

The biggest benefit of using online casinos is variety on the market, players can gamble in different states without going outside of their homes, they can keep privacy, there is no pressure of keeping up with a game, they can always use a time to cool off, and of course this is an excellent opportunity for experience players to make money.

Fortunately, casino industry have kept up with technological industry and it’s further growing, the progress is inevitable, they offer us big amount of game that we choose to play and it on us if we are going to be old fashioned or we are going to embrace the future of gambling.

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Mobile Pokies 

With the increase in technology, everyday things like reading the newspapers or shopping can be done from home via internet accessible devices like mobile phones or computers. With the progress the technology is making, devices we use now are getting better by the day and that doesn’t exclude mobile phones. Mobile phones are now better than ever, they are more like mini computers now based on how fast the data processing is and how much data can be stored.

This advance in technology has inspired and motivated the developers to advance the aspect of gambling and transcend the physical boundaries making the games virtually accessible from anywhere around the world.

There is no need for going into ground based casinos anymore if you start feeling like gambling. All you have to do is access internet with your mobile phone, visit some of the best casino websites like Eurogrand, Winner or Bet365 and you are one click away from playing your favorite game.

Mobile phones with either Android pokies or iOS operating systems can be used for such services. The variety of games you could choose from is nearly limitless, there is something for everybody. If you like to compete with others, game like Poker is the one for you, but if you like your peace and want to test your luck against a machine, then some of the pokie machines are just perfect.



The variety of pokie games is huge, and because of the growing interest in them, it is getting larger by the minute. You can choose games like 100 Pandas, Cleopatra, 5 Dragons and many more. If you are looking to play for real money, then internet casinos that offer those kind of services are great for you, but if you are a leisure player who is just looking to play for fun or kill time, you can also play for free.


A lot of these games are downloadable and it takes from few seconds to few minutes to download them, they don’t take up much space and once downloaded, they can be accessible at any time. Google play store for example is a great way to find a game of your choosing and download mobile pokies to your mobile device.

Playing pokie games on your mobile device might not feel exactly the same as playing them in a real casino, but it has its certain charms. The game developers have gone to such lengths to improve the experience for you by making it as much lifelike as possible. The flashy lights, the sound of coins when you hit the jackpot are just a few of the traits they improved for your satisfaction.

A fun fact. Gambling wasn’t always legal. This newfound hobby hasn’t begun developing so much until 1956. With the legalization everybody was free to play for fun or money wherever and whenever they wanted. So enjoy your freedom to play pokie games in this wonderful time where you can even access them virtually, and remember to have fun.

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Everything you need to know about online gambling but you were afraid to ask 

You visited casinos. You gamble a lot. You are not some old fashioned guy who believes that internet is evil. But you don’t believe in online gambling. You think that online casinos are some internet fraud for fools. Well I’m here to prove you wrong. Here are some things you need to know about online casinos.

online-casinosFor starters, you know that rule – house always win? Well this implies also in the online casino, but you could say that in this case – House always win, but less. You see, casino games are designed to give the house a small advantage, so a player loses money over time. Through strategies like card counting, a player can gain a small advantage at a regular casino. Many online casinos offer sign-up bonuses and other promotions that give the player a much larger edge. Bonuses can be used to shift the house edge in your favor and win over time or to simply reduce your losses without having to change your game choices or style of play. Which brings us to next subject ant that is bonuses. One of the most enjoyable benefits for players is the consistent and generous bonus offers that are always made available. Welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, promotional bonuses and many more are constantly offered in an attempt to optimize players’ game time and gain their loyalty. With the amount of competition in the online casino space, you’ll be hard pressed to find an online casino that doesn’t have a calendar packed with bonus offers in an attempt to provide players with their ideal gaming platform to visit time and again.

2Ok, now you seem a little convinced, and you wanna try, but how to choose good online casino. Well, there is no right answer for this question. Just simply search and find which one has the best recommendations. Also, earlier mentioned bonuses can’t do no harm. But this is not all you need to know. At your home, playing some game online, things can go pretty fast. Because in online casino speed is a factor, as blackjack games don’t need dealers to shuffle cards, and the random number generators never make mistakes. Games like poker can be played at a much faster pace online than in a physical casino. We should mention that in online casinos there’s no smoke, loud noises or other distractions – unless, of course, you prefer it that way at your house. Online casinos can also afford to offer a wider variety of games than physical casinos in most cases. For example if you get bored with poker and blackjack, you can try to play roulette or even bingo and keno. And Finally, the most important thing, money! You don’t have to worry about how much money to bring, or in what form. Winnings are transferred directly into your online gaming account, so you never have to consider things like going to the cage to cash in chips or conspicuously carrying large winnings around.

Still not convined? Well then, go and spend much more money in real casinos, lose a lot more and suffer in lines for your favourite game.

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19 facts about gambling 

facts-and-figures-of-gambling-industry-in-uk-in-2014_54c793430b8df_w1500In the movie Casino there is a quote – if you make it here, you will make it anywhere. Does this phrase counts, if you talking about online casinos? I don’t know how actually work online organization of casino, but i doubt they live some luxurioious lives like Robert De Niro or Joe Pesci in this movie. But i also think that they probably dont have so many things to moan about. Because online casinos are a growing trend. According to some sites, mobile gambling is a fast-growing industry. Over the past few years, there have been many reports released quoting statistics, facts and figures about the mobile gambling industry that seem to defy belief and perhaps even run counter to logic. Sounds odd but globally, there are now 6.8 billion active mobile subscriptions in the world, and this does not take into account users who may own a tablet device, but only use it via WiFi. Today modern times give us chance to play all kinds of casino games on our personal computers, cellphones, androids and iPhones. Only thing to do is to choose a site, register, login and choose your “poison”. So what do you think, what are your odds to win? If you are not encouraged yet, maybe few facts will help.

1) At least 65 million people play poker on a regular basis in the U.S.

2) The card games as we know them today, although invented in China took the form of the French. The cards ‘swords’ represented the kings, the “plaid” merchants, the ‘sticks’ and peasants ‘hearts’ the clergy.

3) Former U.S. President Richard Nixon used money he had earned as a sailor in poker during WWII to fund his election campaign in 1946.

4) 87% of those who reside in Las Vegas deal with gambling.

5) 38% of Americans have visited Las Vegas in order to gamble.

6) Poker tournaments through the internet and television have made Texas Hold’Em poker huge worldwide.

7) Blackjack continues to be the most popular game in online casinos and regular casinos.

8) One of the biggest jackpots in slot machines was in 1998 when a woman in Las Vegas won 27.6 million dollars.

9) The popular Texas Hold’Em poker played for the first time in Robstown, Texas in early 1900.

10) In the 70s the average age of people visiting casinos was 35-55. Today, the age range is much larger, from 17-70 year olds.

11) According to surveys, 80% of respondents consider that gambling should be legal.

12) The largest casino in the world is located in Connecticut, USA and it’called Foxwoods Casino.”

13) The “slot” accept bets of up to one minute for $ 500 on each spin! Certainly the stakes are high in so-called halls “High Roller” to “big” customers, so probably will not find these machines ever.

14) Italian and French people still argue about who invented blackjack.

15) Bingo started in Italy in 1530.

16) Roulette is the oldest casino game.

17) The Great Wall of China was built to a large proportion from cash derived from Keno.

18) Keno was invented in China between 205 and 187 BC.

19) The youngest player to win the World Series of Poker was 24 years old.

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